Oct 8, 2012

Inauguración DUDUÁ · DUDUÁ opening inauguraciondudua1Few weeks ago there was the Dudua 3.0 opening. A lot of stuff happened, but I will make you to pay attention on a type of person that I had forgotten until then, and Jordi helped me to remind:

· Elisa, they go into the places as if they owned the place
· and look everywhere trying to find something free, no matter what
· When they find the first aim, they go for it with no mercy
· For example, attacking these Lukumas balls.
inauguraciondudua2 · Meanwhile they are eating, they find their second aim, markers "for free"
· Same way they came in, they leave the place, not forgetting to take some markers and hide them into the purse

- Madam!! You don't have enough eating all the doughnuts, so you have to steal the markers?
- Oh son, I thought they were for free...
- Come on, please, go home and watch TV
- What happened?

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