Jul 6, 2012

*Come on, girls, finish your pasta, we are going to be late to school
Mom was talking quietly during the misterious call
* What are you laughing at?
* I`m not laughing dear. Grandma is very sick, we must go to school right now.
* We took a taxi to go to school. We arrived there when the kids who had school's lunch were doing a break before the afternoon class. 
We never have seen mom on this mode before.

-A girl was writing her best friend's names on a paper. My name was not there, but I saw how she added me just at that moment.
-An older girl asked me how grandmother felt. I replied her "fine" although I already sensed she had passed away.

When mom arrived home late at night, she explained us our grandma had mapped away on the dinning room's extra chair. She was cooking, and we supose she felt sick, so she undoed her skirt, and had to sat down. 
Sehe died on 1st Setember 1992, but we still think of her every day.

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