May 16, 2012

Como conocí a mis amigos · How I met my friends
amigosDuring 2006, I was working on an art gallery. It was that kind of project which you believe on it just because you are young, and you really think you will live by it. Blissul ignorance. But I was happy.
Jordi came to visit my partner in the art gallery. They had met by IRC. We really liked each other and we talked a lot. The next day he came with Carlitos. It took a while until Carlitos was not in the background in photos. I don't know why he was always behind us. Now, he loves being naked and shoot close-up of himself.
Later, they talked about a friend from the past who was about opening a shop. She had contacted them asking about artists and advices. We passed the store one afternoon, but it seemed closed and there were people talking inside. I was so shy, so I told them not to enter. In the end, I met Alicia during a show. We were amazed by the fact that both of us didn't wear pants for 10 years. I'm now using pants sometimes, but I still own the Skirtclub´s founder membership card .
After 6 years, we are still good friends and there has not been any big argument between us. It is very encouraging that in the 2.0 friendship era, you can still meet people outside the internet.

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  1. ¡Qué grande el momento de pensar que trabajar en una galería era haber encontrado tu lugar en el mundo! Yo también lo tuve y quizá fue el principio de mi gran dispersión (quizá no ;)):D