Jun 20, 2011

0042_tetas gigantes
Every summer we spent few days with our father's family at a beach house
Due to a lot of reasons, it was a totally shit, so most of the time was absolutely boring
* Hurry up, go into before they catch us
A good one was when we suddenly found our grandmother's underwear
* Hahahaha, hahahahaha!
* Girls, 'm going to the beach. What are you doing?
* Take it off inmediately! If your grandmother see you...
but really, she was dying laughing

1 comment:

  1. jejeje, que graciosas
    jo... con la pinta que tiene el sitio, con esa piscinota y la playa en frente... a no ser que os hicieran pasar interminables horas de digestión no se como no os gustaba... :)

    un besote
    *peluchines únicos hechos a mano