May 16, 2011

* Girls, stay here for a bit meanwhile I take the cream.
* Elisa, you are five. Do you think you can hold your sister's hand during the half a second I will be away?
* Yes
* Make it sure
* Oh! Berta! Look this little shell!
* He, he
* Berta? Berta?
* Elisa!!! Where is your sister?
* I don't know, the shell...
* Don't worry, we will find her, sweety!
0039_playa2 copia
* Excuse me! Have you seen an alone little girl?!
* Yes, over there?
* Do you mean you see an alone little girl and you do nothing? Which kind of world is it?
* Hurry up, Elisa!
* Berta!
* Sweety, what a fright!


  1. me siento identificadisima con esta historia
    aunque en mi caso yo era berta

    *peluchines únicos hechos a mano

  2. con lo responsable que yo te creia...como pudiste...