May 25, 2011

* Yes, we should meet
* I'm not sure, has been long time since we don't see each other, it is going to be weird
* Come on, I'll see you tomorrow
* Ehm, ok
- next day -
* I've been waiting half an hour
* Hi, sorry, Am I late? Follow me!
* Hi
* Turn left, turn left
* And this is my room
* Think what to do, Elisa...
* An arcade!!!!
* I need to play!
* Come on, all what you want to do this afternoon is playing games?
* Yes, I'm so sorry... when I see a videogame...
* I go mad
- two hours later -
* Nine o'clock!
* I'm sorry nothing happened today
* But...
* Do you want me to show how to get the correct road?
* No thanks, no needed
* Internet is NOT A GOOD IDEA when you are single

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